Letting Go of Ugly Code

Posted on Sat 08 September 2018 in technical • Tagged with GNU Make, makefiles, linux, bash, automation, simplify

Once upon a time, I was a junior systems engineer at PCB manufacturer that made heavy use of custom Linux kernels and filesystems. Part of the job involved cross-compiling [1] Linux kernels on desktop computer that would be run on single board computers (SBCs) [2] and system-on-modules (SOMs) [3].

Without …

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Developing with Flask and AWS Lambda: Intro

Posted on Fri 15 September 2017 in technical • Tagged with AWS, lambda, serverless, Flask, pytest, testing

This is the first in a series of blog posts intended to examine some challenges I encountered while writing a RESTful key-value store application for the coding exercise portion of a job interview. Each post in the series will focus on a specific challenge I encountered by describing:

  • the problem …

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First Post

Posted on Wed 09 August 2017 in thoughts • Tagged with meta, blog, article

Welcome to my first blog post. I don't quite know what I'll write about yet, but I imagine it may include any/everything from movie, book, music, and open source software reviews to random philosophical musings and commentary on current events.

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