There is a small internet community I participate in called tilde.town.

One of the more active members of that community has organized a group project-doing project called "tilde30".

I am participating in that project! I meant to write this up a week ago but didn't, so I'm doing it now.

In case you didn't click the link to read the full description of tilde30, here's a brief summary:

Below is the plan as I announced it to the group on tilde.town. I'll be posting on this blog with my weekly updates and updating this post to add links to each milestone post.

my tilde30 project plan

Ideas I've had have included:

the plan

while all of the above ideas have their own appeal and i'd like to get to them eventually, something i've been thinking about and wanting to do for a while is to plan some outdoor home improvement projects.

there are a few things that i want to combine into a larger plan:

So the milestones for this project will be:

m1 - assemble the larger plan

m2 - create a xeriscape design SVG

m3 - research costs & permitting; put together detailed plan

m4 - initiate first committed steps